An Afternoon Cradling Your Heart

by Desiree & Lin
Sunday 22 Mar 2020
2.00PM - 3.30PM

Heartwarming Cocoon

In this cocoon guided meditation, we will explore what it truly means to honour yourself. Feel completely at ease in the hammock, as it supports you through your transformation. Listen to your heart’s whispers, as you glide through soft movement, taking in the scents of healing essential oils, with Lin and Desiree as your guides. This soothing session is focused on self-love and self-nurturing, and is especially for those who wish to take time out, to give back to themselves. *This is a gentle class. Aerial experience is not necessary.


The founder of Float Your Boat Therapy wellness practice, Desiree is living her highest purpose, guiding you to discover yours. A keenly perceptive practitioner, Desiree employs a suite of natural wellness tools helping you allow your authentic, true self to shine.  She believes in a balanced, integrated life, where the spiritual and the material worlds are one.Desiree began her holistic training in 2009, with Hypnotherapy and Regression Therapy. She is self-taught in intuitive arts and has developed a unique and proven technique for those who wish to master their intuition. She believes that connecting to our own deep wisdom, and listening to our inner truth, is the key to fulfilling our purpose with grace. Desiree works with multinational clients and has conducted meditations and workshops around the world.



Lin is an Aerial and Yoga teacher, and the founder of boutique studio Refindery Fitness and Bluemint Retreats. She pursued certification in Aerial yoga to share its myriad benefits after she observed a major improvement in her health, energy and self confidence. These days, she also loves teaching yoga, especially Yin, as she has personally experienced and seen regular practitioners enjoy greater flexibility and reduction in physical aches and pains, and a transformative inner calm and peace. She aims to share the Refindery Fitness philosophy to ‘find yourself again through mindful exercise’.

Date & Time

Sunday 22 Mar 2020
2.00PM - 3.30PM


Refindery Fitness
46 Kim Yam Road
02-25 The Herencia
Singapore 239351

Price Per Person

Please secure booking by payment via PayNow to UEN 201812507M or by credit card via the ‘Book Now’ tab.

Temporary closing notice

Dear Refindery Family,

Following the Prime Minister’s speech on 03 Apr 2020, we have decided to close our studio from 04 Apr-04 May 2020 (both dates included) for the best of your well-being. We will provide updates, so please visit our website and stay in touch through our Facebook and Instagram sites!

All current Regular Pack holders of Private & Group Classes will have 31 days validity added to your packs.

All 30-Day Pass holders will have your pack on freeze for the period of our closure and reinstated with remaining days of validity from 05 May 2020.

We will be processing this over the coming week, so please give us some time.

We miss y’all already! Stay well & see you for super awesome workouts when we can reopen!

For enquiries, email hello@refinderyfitness.com or WhatsApp 8121-3245.

Your Refindery Fitness Team