Most frequent questions and answers

Here are the easy steps to taking classes at Refindery Fitness:

  1. Create an account here.
  2. Read and agree to the Liability Waiver form.
  3. Purchase the Class Pass of your choice via cash payment at the studio, PayNow to UEN 201812507M (please drop us a note so we can look out for it) or online payment on our website. Our online payment system is secured with an SSL certificate and payments are powered by Stripe.
  4. Give us up to 1 biz day to credit the Class Pack into your account, after which you will receive a Sales Receipt via email.
  5. Book your class!

Please ensure you note the validity period of the Class Pack before you make your purchase. Class passes are activated from the day of purchase. 

Group Class bookings may be made online via our website www.refinderyfitness.com or through your Mindbody account. You must have an existing valid class pass to book a class.

For Private classes, please email us at hello@refinderyfitness.com with your preferred day/time/class type/instructor and some details on what you’re looking for. When we understand your needs, we will be better able to assign the right teacher to you.

For Corporate & Private events, we can provide you with our bank account details so you may make an online bank transfer or PayNow.

Yes cash payment is accepted at the studio. You may also consider paying via PayNow to UEN 201812507M (drop us a note to look out for it), or online on our website (powered by Stripe).

The class you want to book is currently full and you’ve been placed on the waitlist. If any client cancels, the available slot will be released to those on waitlist, in booking order. Your status will be changed to “Waitlist Confirmed” and you will receive an email notification. Please monitor your email so you are ready for class if the slot is opened to you.

Our Welcome Pass is for first-timers to our studio only. On the 5 Class Pack, you may mix and match the classes across programmes or just use all 5 on one class type.

Please note you may only enjoy this very special promo once.

Example, if you purchase a Welcome 1 Class, you may no longer purchase a Welcome Group 5 Classes and conversely.

This Class Pack is great value-for-money if you regularly attend class. Please note there is a cap of 2 classes per day as we believe the body needs to rest as much as it needs to move!

This Pass strictly cannot be extended even if you buy a new class pack. Should you late cancel/not turn up for 2 classes, we will have to suspend your account for 7 days. Our class size is intentionally small to allow for more instructor attention, so each available slot counts.

At Refindery Fitness, we intentionally keep our class sizes small so our instructors can give you sufficient attention. Thus if you cancel late, that’s a spot that could’ve gone to someone else. We know things happen, but we ask for your understanding and support to cancel your space 6 hours in advance.

We thank you in advance for the respect you show to our instructors and fellow clients. Any cancellation done within 6 hours from the start of the class will be considered a late cancellation and you will be charged for the session, as if you had attended class.

Wear close-fitting, comfortable clothing that allows for both movement and for our instructors to check body alignment.
– Reformer: Reformer classes require socks to be worn for hygiene purposes.
– Aerial: To avoid abrasions, Aerial students should wear sleeved tops. Please wear tights/leggings for modesty in inversions. All jewellery and watches must be removed before class to prevent injury and damage to the hammock.

Drink sufficient water and eat at least three hours before class.
If you have any injuries or medical conditions, it is critical that you inform the instructor before class so they may determine your suitability for the class or make modifications to the exercise for your safety.

We intentionally keep our classes small (around 10) so our instructors have sufficient time to provide personal alignment adjustments and guidance. We thus need your commitment in turning up for classes you have signed up for or cancelling at least 6 hours before class if you must.

We provide mats and the necessary equipment for class. You are always welcomed to bring your own if you wish. Please help us to wipe down the mats at the end of class with the sanitiser provided. This helps to keep the mats clean for the next user, as someone did for you.

Studio Rules

We want to provide you with the best class experience and lateness takes away from that.
As such, we have a zero lateness policy. If class has begun, you will not be permitted to enter. In fact, why not arrive 15 minutes before class starts. You will feel so much more centred and ready to imbibe the learnings in class. Thank you in advance for showing respect to our instructors and fellow clients.
If you’re a first-timer to our studio, we warmly welcome you and recommend that you allocate sufficient time for parking and changing into your workout attire before class begins.

No, your class pass is just for you. Class passes will be immediately forfeited and membership cancelled on a permanent basis should we observe the sharing of passes. Please help us not to have to do this.

All our packages carry a validity period of 14, 30, 90 or 180 days depending on the package you choose. Please check before purchase.
Expiry dates are strictly enforced but if you purchase another class pack before your existing one expires, we will carry forward your remaining sessions to the new pack.

For the best class experience for everyone, please keep your mobile phones in your bag on silent mode while class is in session. Classes may not be recorded without the instructor’s permission.

Helpful information


Parking: There is open-air parking right at The Herencia. Do note that it can get quite crowded on weekdays, so please provide ample time to get a parking space. There is also parking available along the streets outside, as well as in nearby buildings such as Robertson Walk and UE Square.

Changing Room: We have a changing room, but no shower facilities.

Health Advisory: Clients with any medical conditions should get their doctors’ sign-off before participating in classes. If your doctor has given the nod, please ensure you inform the instructor before class starts as some exercises might need to be modified for your safety.