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The hammock is a wonderful and versatile tool. It enables practitioners to take their practice off the ground and into the air, challenging and encouraging courage, balance, strength and stretch. For those who are still developing their strength, the hammock is a friend who lends support, allowing them to go into poses they might otherwise find too demanding.

Enjoy the spinal decompression and happy hormone-inducing benefits of inversions. You’ll fall in love with the hammock in no time.

Do note our Aerial Fitness classes are inspired by and a fun fusion of yoga, Pilates, dance and acrobatics. They are not strictly yoga classes.

Aerial Beginner (Level 1)

Learn the fundamentals of Aerial and the techniques to stay safe while having fun in the hammock. Unless you have prior aerial experience and are confident staying in an inversion for several minutes, Beginner class is a must before you participate in our other Aerial classes. This is for your own safety and for the most enjoyable aerial experience. 

Aerial + MAT GENTLE STRETCH (Level 1)

This hybrid class is focused on slow-paced tension release and allows participants to enjoy stretches with the hammock as a supporting tool and also on the mat. Inversions are optional in the class, and alternatives are provided for those who find inversions unsuitable for them. Aerial experience is not required. Aerial inversions are optional; those who opt to try one will be taught the safe techniques to enter and exit a basic inversion.

Aerial Yin YANG (LEVEL 2)

You’ll find a lovely balance of quiet and calm in both nurturing and trigger point-releasing poses with the hammock, as well as some delicious energetic stretches for your tight muscles. After relaxing inversions, experience the tranquility of savasana in the air as the gentle sway of the hammock melts away any remaining stress. Aerial first-timers who are generally fit may also consider this class.

Aerial Stretch (LEVEL 3)

Bend, don’t break! A fun fusion of yoga, Pilates and dance moves that leverage the hammock to go deeper into stretches, allowing you to release those tight knots, tension in your muscles and especially decompress your spine. While the focus is on stretching, there will be some conditioning to prepare you for more advanced poses in the future. For your safety, you must have prior Aerial experience to take this class.

Aerial Dynamic (LEVEL 4)

Enjoy a super invigorating blend of stretching and conditioning that will prepare you for the awesome advanced poses in this class! For both your safety and that of other clients, you must have prior Aerial experience and be reasonably fit to take this faster-paced class. Not recommended for those early in their Aerial journey.


A holistic exercise that focuses on breathwork and poses that both strengthen and stretch. Depending on class type and intent, poses could be static or dynamic. Attention to tuning inwards and listening to your body and calming the mind are fostered in the practice of yoga.

We do not practise religious aspects of yoga, so all are welcomed in this programme.

Yoga Yin Yang

This all-rounder class provides the right balance of muscle-strengthening and stretching poses and tension-relieving holds for myofascial release. Ideal for the busy bee. Multi-level; beginners are welcome.


Jazzercise @Refindery Jazzercise is a pulse-pounding, beat-pumping, body-blasting fitness program that gets you results fast! It combines dance moves with cardio, strength, Pilates, hip hop, yoga and kickboxing to an awesome playlist to draw out your biggest smiles.


A delicious mood-boosting endorphin-packed and calorie-burning class that fuses dance-based cardio and strength-training to a curated list of energising hit music! Raise Your Metabolism, Raise Your Game!

Our pilates classes

Pilates is a structured exercise that strengthens and tones without adding bulk to the body. There is also the complementary aspect of stretch in the workouts, with emphasis on correct breathing techniques.

Body alignment is an important focus of Pilates, to ensure benefits are maximized and injury is prevented.

Pilates Mat

The classic Pilates workout is performed on the mat!
Discover new-found stretch and strength in your muscles through a series of exercises as our instructors guide you on the right breathing techniques to complement your workout. Multi-level; beginners are welcome.

Pilates for better posture

A beneficial class in this modern day when sitting or standing for long hours and excessive use of mobile devices can wreak havoc for our posture, causing tight neck and shoulders, backaches and tight hips and glutes. This hour of exercises will help alleviate the tension and correct your posture. Multi-level; beginners are welcome.


Pilates exercises spiced with a modern twist! Awake your core & spirits as you tone & sculpt your body from head to toe with a unique blend of strengthening & stretching moves.


Refindery Fitness’ Reformers incorporate a Tower that enables you to work on multiple planes of resistance, significantly increasing your exercise repertoire. This machine is brilliant for those in good physical condition, as the adjustments can step up the intensity of the workout. It is especially useful for those recovering from injuries.
Through consistent practice and effort, our Rehab-trained instructors can help you to regenerate mobility and strength leveraging the Reformer. Pilates Reformer session is available only as a Private Solo or Duet.