Spinal Yoga Wheel 25-Hours Yoga Alliance Training Course 2020

2nd-5th April 2020

This course is open to ALL levels. Who should take the course?

Fitness Teachers: This training is great for teachers who want to better understand and help their clients who have chronic back stiffness and scoliosis. Leveraging both Yoga and Pilates techniques, this training will advance your teaching ability and skillset.

Regular Practitioners: This training will help you learn more about your body, especially your back. You will learn how to alleviate or even eliminate your chronic back tension and pain using the wheel. You do not need to be a teacher or plan to teach to take this training. Take this for deepen your own knowledge and practice. 

Those with Scoliosis conditions: This is a great training for you to learn how to manage and improve your condition. You don’t have to live with constant pain. Learn the right and safe techniques for you to alleviate back pain. 

Date & Time

Thursday (2/4) & Saturday (4/4)
Afternoon - 2pm - 7pm
Friday (3/4) & Saturday (5/4)
Full Day - 8am - 6pm


Refindery Fitness
46 Kim Yam Road
02-25 The Herencia
Singapore 239351

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