An Evening of Yin Yoga & Tibetan Singing Bowls

by Desiree Duclos & Lin Ong
Wednesday, 08 Jan 2020 - 6.45PM - 8.15PM

Tune yourself to welcome a wonderful 2020 with the perfect pairing of grounding Yin yoga and the therapeutic tones of Tibetan singing bowls. As you melt into tension-releasing postures that promote the clear flow of Chi through the body, you will experience the vibrations from the singing bowls that induce a deep meditative state and clarity of mind. Enjoy a beautiful evening of calm and peace and take home a Happy New You with a refreshed mind, body and soul!


The founder of Float Your Boat Therapy wellness practice, Desiree is carrying out her life’s work. Ever since the first time Desiree heard the mesmerising tones of Tibetan Singing Bowls over 10 years ago, she has felt magnetised to them. As a trained, professional sound practitioner in this ancient healing art, she takes a therapeutic approach in her practice. Personally, Desiree has received deep inner peace and catalytic spiritual change from her journey with Tibetan Singing Bowls and has developed focus, attention and patience. Desiree aims to help others listen to their own innate wisdom, which lies in the silence between the sounds of this powerful energy-healing tool. 



Lin is an Aerial and Yoga teacher, and the founder of boutique studio Refindery Fitness and Bluemint Retreats. She pursued certification in Aerial yoga to share its myriad benefits after she observed a major improvement in her health, energy and self confidence. These days, she also loves teaching yoga, especially Yin, as she has personally experienced and seen regular practitioners enjoy greater flexibility and reduction in physical aches and pains, and a transformative inner calm and peace. She aims to share the Refindery Fitness philosophy to ‘find yourself again through mindful exercise’.

Date & Time

Wednesday, 08 Jan 2020
6.45PM - 8.15PM


Refindery Fitness
46 Kim Yam Road
02-25 The Herencia
Singapore 239351

Price Per Person

Please secure booking by payment via PayNow to UEN 201812507M or by credit card via the ‘Book Now’ tab.